B2B & Grow Pods


B2B & Grow Pods

Business to Business Opportunities

The Company derives a portion of its overall revenues from sales of cannabis genetics, sales of Grow Pods, and from licensing and consulting activities provided to other licensed and pre-licensed cannabis companies. Management believes that these opportunities provide the Company with a number of benefits including:

  • Complementary business verticals which produce diversified and high margin revenue streams;
  • Third party validation of the Company's proprietary Grow Pod platform;
  • Valuable partnerships with other pre-licensed and licensed cannabis companies; and
  • Opportunity for international expansion and non-cannabis revenue streams.

Management will continue to pursue and expand on these business to business revenue opportunities over the coming year.

Your Partner in Micro-Cultivation

Our proven cultivation system is now available to the cannabis industry. We have the products and people to provide end-to-end support to micro-cultivators and licensed producers. If you’re planning to start a new cannabis operation, or if you want to scale and diversify your current business, we’re here to help you grow with confidence.

Grow Pods

Modular, Scalable, Stackable

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Licensing & Consulting

Get Ready to Grow

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We can give you a head start

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Micro-Cultivation Partners

  • Because You Cann - Alberta
  • Cypress Craft - Manitoba
  • Parkland Flower - Alberta
  • Ahahswinis Green - British Columbia
  • Vigr Life Cannabis - Saskatchewan
  • Paradise Cannabis - Saskatchewan
  • Prairie Craft Canopy - Saskatchewan
  • Prairie Trichome - Manitoba
  • Dry Island Cannabis - Alberta
  • Fourth Gen Cannabis - Alberta
  • The Last Leaf - Manitoba
  • Alicanto Gardens - Manitoba
  • F1NE Cannabis - Ontario

The Delta 9 Grow Pod

Grow Pods are 320 sq. ft. steel shipping containers that have been repurposed to support any growing methodology. They are modular, scalable and stackable, allowing companies to grow vertically on multiple floors.

More than 30 employed contractors, engineers and electricians fabricate each Grow Pod to Health Canada’s standards. The Pods are then customized for flowering, trimming, cloning, research, testing, support and storage.

Flowering Unit

This modular cannabis cultivation Grow Pod can produce up to 40 kg of cannabis each year, and it often pays for itself after three to four harvests. It’s equipped with technology to automate irrigation, fertigation, light, temperature, air movement and CO2. It’s also completely secure, with access-controlled doors and security cameras.

Genetics and Clone Unit

This Grow Pod offers a sterile, low-stress environment for cuttings to root and optimize vegetation. It’s equipped with technology to automate irrigation, light, temperature, air movement and CO2. Like the Flowering Unit, it’s also completely secure.

Support Unit

This Grow Pod provides a secure environment where up to six employees can harvest and trim cannabis. It can also be used to store cannabis while it is drying or curing.

A modular cannabis cultivation system


Antimicrobial, commercial- grade vinyl


Customizable epoxy paint with reinforced steel exterior


Steel entry door, access- controlled security feature


2 full coverage cameras with monitoring/recording system


Food-grade, water-based white epoxy


Power receptacles, independent 100 amp/ 208 volt control panels, smart timers with sensors, breaker panel


Air Cooled 15 x Hi-Tech HPS (high pressure sodium) or Delta9TechnologyLED grow lights

Environmental Controls:

2 x 12,000 BTU ductless cooling/heat pump units


3 commercial high-volume fans


High-grade PVC


Fertigation connections (system separate) and drip irrigation

CO2 Controls:

CO2 sensor complete with applicator

Benching and Trellis:

Modular and adjustable custom benching complete with trellis attachment

Custom Unit

Complete your production facility with Grow Pods customized to your workflow. We can set up a custom Grow Pod that can be used as a laboratory, locker room, climate-controlled vault or for any other purpose.

To learn more about Grow Pods, contact Kelsey Friesen, Director Of Grow Pod Sales.

Contact Kelsey Friesen

Delta 9 Licensing & Consulting


Custom content


The Delta 9 team provides unmatched after-sale support. We can consult on your business strategy, offer licensing support, facilitate site design, create security plans, provide training and help you develop quality-assurance SOPs.

We also offer a Micro-Cultivation Partner Program and select supply agreements. Contact us to learn how you can become a Delta 9 Micro-Cultivation partner. Contact Kelsey Friesen, Director Of Grow Pod Sales.

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Delta 9 Genetics

We offer a wide selection of highly sought after genetics. You may have heard of some of our more popular strains below. Contact us today to learn more about our genetics program.

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